How To Survive Middle School (Socially)

"Wise" Teenager

March 8, 2019

Middle school is a horrible place and no one will leave unscathed. So of course, you have to find a way to survive and fit in so you aren't socially torn down and rebuilt as an almost "Frankenstein's Monster." There are many ways...

Steroid/Drug takers must be banned from team sports activities.

March 1, 2019

I believe steroid takers need to be banned from school activities. If they are not that means they encourage it, if they get banned from the team and then become sober I believe they should be allowed back in. Everyone diserves...

kids with no technology vs kid with technology

ely twito

March 1, 2019

Kids with no technology are social a lot. People a long time ago would go to friends house and do a lot of stuff outside with friends. They would play  on the streets soccer. Would go to friends house, read books, and would be...

Why Phones Are Good

March 1, 2019

Many people believe phones have only negative effects on children and teens. They believe it would be better if we did not have phones. However, there are many reasons why every person should have a phone. Phones allow child...

The presidents before Abraham Lincoln

March 1, 2019

In this article I'll be reviewing several presidents before Lincoln. The reason I'm doing this was because all of these presidents only served one term. Not to mention it's to show the slow progression of the cause of the civil...

Victoria Bailey #3

March 1, 2019

That was like literally the most terrifying moment of my life! It was even more terrifying than when I made that tornado thingy. I had to go through ALL of the tests! Because the test before Fire was Air and so before I coul...


Me, Booya

March 1, 2019

Sources: When...

Headphones On Part 6

Florencia Goldenberg

March 1, 2019

Luis had been the mysterious person the whole time! A huge amount of thoughts crossed my mind. For example, why would he do this? Is this real? Where are we? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? The last one is 0% exaggerated. I couldn't believe...

Pringle flavors

Linoy Bigelman

March 1, 2019

Hello today i'm going to talk about different flavors of Pringles, I haven't tasted all of the flavors yet but i'm pretty sure this website  has all the flavors: Original lightly salted: I haven't tasted this yet but on the website I found the...

My Top 4 Anime Subgenres

a n i m e

February 28, 2019

Hullo hullo! It's me again! Just like I stated in my last article, I'll be talking about my favorite anime subgenres! This time though, this is a top 4 list because I couldn't decide on three only. In my last article, when I stated...

My Favorite Styles of Eyebrows

My Favorite Styles of Eyebrows


February 25, 2019

History Rant

Steven Hanseter, Salty Historian

February 25, 2019

History is pretty cool, but history class sucks. The whole way the class works and its routine is so boring and predictable. And the teachers are also boring predictable and routine. Every day and every unit is just super repetitive...