RuPaul’s Dag Race All Stars Episode 6 & Information On 1 Queen


May 18, 2018

  Bebe Zahara Benet Real name is Nea Marshall Kudi Ngwa. She got her drag name by the way he always loved the name BeBe, so BeBe Benet just came in her mind. She then wants something exotic which would tie her with ...

Season Four is Here!

Jaden DaCosta

May 11, 2018

Fortnite is coming out with season 4 tomorrow and It will be awesome. The Epic team created Fortnite battle Royale with seasons. We have been through season two and three and now here comes four. We are able to get skins by l...

Club Penguin Private Servers

Lila Goldenberg

May 11, 2018

As many 90's and early 2000's babies know, Club Penguin shut down on March 29, 2017. However, in its wake, many CPPS (club penguin private servers) have taken over, such as,,, and...

Google Pacman

jaslyn rai

May 4, 2018

What Is Google Pac-man Google pac-man is one of Google's "secret" games. Basically all you have to do go into Google( by this I mean actually into Google to the point where you've searched up Google in Google.) Once you are in ...

Fortnite season 4 leaks

Jacob Friedman

May 1, 2018

Can you believe that it is finnaly time for the 4th season of fortnite. There have been many rumors about things that are going to be added and taken away. I am going to give you some items and info epic games had given out about...

Wizard 101 But Not Really

Indigo and Alex, Writers, Activists, Singers, Actors

May 1, 2018

This article originates from Alex's fascination and obsession with a game called Wizard 101. Before he told me about it, I had little to no idea what it was about. From the title, you can obviously assume it's about wizards. Other...

Top 4 cheap gaming peripherals

Mireille Apikyan

April 16, 2018

Hey guys, it is me, back at it again with another list. Today, we will be looking at some gaming accessories. Especially the cheap ones, because (we balling on a budget). Hiraliy Gaming wired mouse (Price $16.99): Okay le...

Snapchat or Instagram

Snapchat or Instagram

April 10, 2018

New Netflix Series

New Netflix Series

April 9, 2018