Kings Beat Dallas

Alan Feldmansky

January 21, 2016

Kings Beat Dallas On Tuesday, January 19 the Los Angeles Kings beat the Dallas Stars 3-2. In the first period each team scored 2 goals. Dallas scored a goal 5 minutes in to the game. After that Lecavalier scored a goal tying ...

Future Soccer Stars

January 20, 2016

This is a list of the potential next best players. Some of these players are about 20 years of age or under. Some are well known players that are still young. Neymar Jr (Barcelona). Got 3rd place in Ballon D'or after Lionel ...

Blues Beat Kings in Shootout

Alan Feldmansky

January 12, 2016

Kings Lose to Blues at Home On Saturday January 9th The Kings lost to the Blues 2-1 in a shootout. In the first period neither team scored a goal. In the second period each team scored 1 goal. Kopitar scored a goal for the Kings,...

Kings Beat Colombus

Alan feldmansky

December 10, 2015

Kings Defeat Columbus On Tuesday November 8th Kings beat the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the first period no goals were scored. In the second period Kings scored 1 goal, and Blue Jackets scored 2 goals. 2 min. in to the second per...

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Tattoos

December 10, 2015

On Saturday February 14, 2015 Zlatan Ibrahimovic took his shirt off as a celebration after scoring a goal. He had fifty temporary tattoos on his torso. These were fifty different names of real people who are suffering from hunger....

Jamie Vardy

December 4, 2015

Jamie Vardy is the top scorer of the EPL right now. Most people didn't even know who he was last year. But this season, he has been in an outstanding form. He has scored 14 goals in 14 games so far. And he broke a record for scoring...

Kings Barely Beat Canucks

Alan Feldmansky

December 3, 2015

Kings Barely Beat Canucks On Tuesday December 1st Kings beat the Canucks 2-1. In the first period Kings scored 0 goals, and Canucks scored 1 goal. The Canucks were on a power-play, and took a nice shot, and scored. In the seco...

Hawks Mistakes Make Kings Take It Home

Alan Feldmansky

December 2, 2015

Kings Beat Hawks 3-2 On Saturday November 28 Kings beat the Hawks 3-2 in over-time. In the first period Kings scored 0 goals, and Hawks scored 1 goal. The Hawks forced Kings to turn over the puck on a power-play, and scored a g...

Top 30 U.S. Football Players

Andrew Simonoff and JohnMarco Munoz

December 1, 2015

Here are the top five U.S. football players currently. For this we are putting the players in specific categories. Passing Yards Tom Brady/ New England/ 3600 Passing Yards Philip Rivers/ San Diego/ 3511 Passing Yards C...

Kings Out-Shoot Flyers

Alan Feldmansky

November 19, 2015

Kings Out-Shoot Flyers The Kings beat the Flyers on Tuesday November 17th in shoot-out. In the first period each team scored 1 goal a piece. The Flyers scored first on a power-play. Then the Kings countered back with 5 min....

7 Legends Not In FIFA

November 19, 2015

In this list there are world wide soccer legends that are not in FIFA 16. FIFA 16 is the newest updated version of all the FIFA games. It is the best soccer video  game at the moment. FIFA 16 includes legends that have retire...

Kings Defeat Oilers

Alan Feldmansky

November 18, 2015

Kings Defeat Oilers The Kings beat the Oilers 4-3 on Saturday November 14th. The Kings scored 2 goals in the first, while Oilers scored 0 goals. 2 min. into the game Gaborick scored a goal on a turn and shoot. After that with...