Kings get first Shutout

Alan Feldmansky

November 10, 2016

Kings Shutouts The Kings went on a 3-game winning streak ending their 2-game scoring drought. A shutout is a time when you win without the other team scoring a single goal on you. The Kings have done that twice now. One time...

The Cubs have done it !!

The Cubs have done it !!

November 4, 2016

Kings Losing Streak

Alan Feldmansky

November 1, 2016

Kings Lose The Kings have lost 2 straight games now, and both games were on the road. These games were against the Chicago Black hawks, and the St. Louis Blues. In the games combined, the Kings scored 0 goals. People are wond...

Gymnastic Coaches Get Sued

Chelsea Johnson and Elena Mack

October 28, 2016

Two famed gymnast coaches are now getting sued for running a bad gymnastic environment for kids. The couple are supposedly aware that the gyms physician is sexually abusing children. They are being accused of depriving food and...

The Cubs’ Billy Goat Curse

The Cubs’ Billy Goat Curse

Leah Stark

October 27, 2016

Kings Weekly

Alan Feldmansky

October 26, 2016

Kings Losses The Kings lost 3 games to start off the season. This is the second season in a row that started with 3 losses in a row. Most of this is due to Jonathon Quick getting injured in the first game. The game wasn't complete...