Should Zoos Be Banned?

Isabella Van Vliet

February 22, 2019

There are around five hundred zoos in the United States of America. There has been a lot of debate of zoos. Many people believe that zoos are cruel to their inhabitants, and must be banned. Others believe that zoos help animals ...

My Top 3 Major Anime Genres

a n i m e

February 22, 2019

Hullo! Fellow anime lover over here! I have shared what my top 3 favorite animes are, what animes I'm currently watching, and my favorite anime openings! This time I shall be talking about my top 3 major anime genres. I plan to...

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered?

Isabella Van Vliet

January 11, 2019

In America, the minimum age you need to be to drink alcohol is currently twenty-one. However, many people believe it should be lowered to eighteen, since that is the age you legally become an adult at. I agree that the drinking a...

Should Phones be allowed at Hale?

Brianna Tajimaroa and Isabelle Sedeghi

January 10, 2019

Phones Shouldn't be allowed Phones at Hale are something many students disagree on. Some say that phones should be allowed, and others say they should not. Each side proves good points but you eventually you sort of end up o...

Why Christmas is my Favorite Holiday

Coleton Rice

December 10, 2018

Every year many people celebrate holidays in the winter. Some of these holidays are not celebrated in my religion so I don't know about them. But I do know one: Christmas. Here is my opinion for why Christmas is my favorite holiday. To...

What I want for Christmas!

Pantea Khosravi

December 3, 2018

As you most likely know if your keeping up with the dates, it’s almost the holidays. And I want a lot of stuff for Christmas. So this is what I want. I really want Uggs, I know this is incredibly basic but they are so comfortable. They are...

Opinions on School


November 30, 2018

I have been staring at my computer screen for the past hour or so, thinking about ideas for articles, when something came to my mind. What if I wrote about people's opinions about school? So, here's an article about that. I...

Why You Should Adopt a Pet

Isabella Van Vliet

November 26, 2018

Around 68% of American households own a pet. Many of these people buy their pets rather than adopt them. However, there are plenty of reasons why adopting a pet is much better than buying one. It will cost less to adopt a pet than to buy...

Why You Shouldn’t Lie to Your Parents

Coleton Rice

October 12, 2018

As you probably know already lying is bad. And its even worse if its to your parents. Your parents are special people who care for you all the time. This also applies to your guardian. This is my opinion why you shouldn't lie...

Should Schools Punish Cyberbullying?

Isabella Van Vliet

October 12, 2018

Cyberbullying is a huge problem for students. According to, “Over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.” However, many schools refuse to...

A Review of the Rest of The Week

Thursday, The Best Day

October 12, 2018

Unless you're dead, you have experienced a second, a minute, an hour, a day, and likely also a week. The week is an emotional roller coaster, with each day having their own experience. Monday was rated six out of ten, Tuesday...