The Fires

Gavin Wolfe

December 4, 2018

The fires were very scary, I remember going to bed that night and my mom saying that she hoped that my brother and I wouldn't peak through our side of the hill. My mom had lived through 3 separate sets of fires, one when my sister...

I’m Going to Try to Write Whatever Comes to Mind: 2nd Edition


December 4, 2018

Hello. If you're reading this, that is very surprising. I would expect this article to buried down into the depths of The Hale Telescope. I am the same writer that wrote: "I'm Going to Try to Write Whatever Comes to Mind." You...


Ely twito

December 3, 2018

My Thanksgiving break was really good on the first day which was Saturday I went to a movie in the morning named goose bumps I went with my friends we had really much fun. We ate popcorn we drank sprite and coke and bought candy....

My trip to Arizona

Rachael Rice

November 30, 2018

I recently went to Arizona during Thanksgiving break. I'm here to tell you about my trip and how it went. The Car ride was about eight hours long. On the way there we saw so many windmills! Some of them only had two blades...

My Dogs

ori ghodsi

November 29, 2018

I am a proud owner of three huge German Shepards. My dogs' names are Simba, Ginger, and Junior. Ginger is the oldest then it's Simba, and then it's Junior. Ginger is 5 and her birthday is in May, Simba is also 5 but he just had...

When My Cousins Visited Me

ori ghodsi

November 28, 2018

I broke my leg in summer. It was a long story and you're about to hear it. My cousins from Israel came to visit us for the summer. One is 12 and one is 13. They are really religious and they are really nice and fun to play with. When...

My Thanksgiving Break

Gavin Wolfe

November 27, 2018

This thanksgiving break was something to look forward to. After school ended on Friday I felt good because i was able to hang out with my friends on the weekend and during the week i'm off. I hung out with my friend Sammy on Saturday...

Thanksgiving Break

Ori Ghdsi

November 27, 2018

My thanksgiving break was something to be excited for. For example, on Friday my family had a big meal with delicious food that my mom prepared for us. The meal was really good and delightful and it was relaxing. It was nice because...

The Fire In West Hills 🔥

Alyna Fonvergne

November 26, 2018

There once was a girl named Alyna  and she was 13 and she lived in West Hills, California. One day she went to Hale which is her middle school .After school she went to practice for color guard for 3 hours. After practices she...


Isabelle Sedeghi

November 26, 2018

California wildfires are a very interesting topic that everyone has a different opinion on. Also, some people have been affected way more than other people have by these wildfires. I know there have been more Wildfires in California...

Fire Evacuation

ethan ramian

November 16, 2018

This past week a huge fire broke out in box canyon and traveled all the way to Malibu. The fire burned 91,572 aches and 370 structures.  I was at my grandmas house when we evacuated. My mom was in Hawaii when the fire happened....