Los Angeles is the Most Gridlocked City

Maya Loaiza, contributor

February 28, 2017

According to a study carried by INRIX Inc. Los Angeles has been ranked the most gridlocked city in the world where roads get so congested, traffic is not able to move. Experts in transportation and car services analyzed more ...

Flipping Supreme

Flipping Supreme

February 22, 2017

Senior at Santa Monica High Dies by a Medical Mystery

Maya Loaiza, Contributor

February 17, 2017

On February 13,2017, another pupil at Santa Monica High died from a medical mystery this year, the District claimed. Kelly Cano's Mother, a SMMUSD school nurse, and other doctors stated that Kelly had died from an unknown medica...

Great Wolf Lodge

johnmarco munoz and Andrew Simonoff

December 8, 2016

Do you have boring plans for winter break and want to do something fun? Then you should ask your parent about going to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is a family hotel with many events to go to and very fun things to do....

Mountain Lion Controversy

Andrew Simonoff and JohnMarco Munoz

December 2, 2016

Evidence shows that a mountain lion has been getting too close to a ranchers property and has been blamed to kill 10 pet alpacas. It has been tagged before with the name of P-45, on November 11 the lion killed the alpacas but never ate them. The rancher has received a permit to shoot and kill the mountain lion but now the rancher says he doesn't want to kill it. He tells reporters he wants to trap the lion and relocate it to safety. He believes he wants to do this because these mountain lion are v...

Sky walking is dangerous

Sky walking is dangerous

November 28, 2016

Car Crashes

Car Crashes

November 18, 2016

Andy’s Coming Challenge

Andy’s Coming Challenge

November 15, 2016