My Friends (I’m Not Sorry)

Katie Tseselsky

September 20, 2018

Let's get one thing out of the way, I know that someone has already written this article. One of my friends also wrote one, and it looked like an interesting thing to write about, so here we are. I will be writing about some of...

Schools should allow students to use their phones

Isabella Van Vliet

September 20, 2018

One way schools could improve, would be to allow their students to use phones in class. Teachers could have students use their phones to do research. According to,  “Cell phones can give students access t...

A Quick Synopsis of People I Know From Hale

Edgy Teen, Judging Other Edgy Teens

September 17, 2018

So, apparently, everyone is judging their classmates now. After reading two articles from these guys I know that talked about people they know (one sincerely, the other also sincerely but harsher), I was inspired to not only take...

Should Schools Ban the Dress Code?

Isabella Van Vliet

September 14, 2018

The majority of public schools have a dress code. However many people do not agree with their school’s dress code. In my opinion, schools should get rid of their dress codes. Dress codes take away students’ freedom to wear ...

How to make friends

Gandalf the White, God of acne, the Almighty

September 13, 2018

If you're a professional loser like I used to be, you'll know that the hardest thing about Hale Charter Academy is the lack of people to talk to. They don't even have to be cool, they can just be regular gross normies. If you...

All The Deans That I Have Experienced

A Reliable Student That's Definitely Never Been To The Dean

September 13, 2018

For all of the years I have been in Hale Charter Academy, from 2016 to now which is like 2 years give or take, there have been a couple of deans and dean changes that I have experienced. First, the school year 2016 to 2017,...

The Social Structure of Middle School

Judgemental Student

September 13, 2018

Middle school is a race for number two. Everyone is trying to be cool in their own ways. This leads to a particularly wince-worthy experience with everyone acting really weird and everyone being judged while they judge themselves. The...

Eighth Grade

A “Normal” Eighth Grader

September 13, 2018

Eighth grade's been fun(??) so far. I mean my friends are all in my classes and they're fun and stuff but some of my teachers I don't like. I guess now we're going to talk about my classes. First, I have advisory (everyone...

My Great Friends From Hale Charter Academy

Caleb Paniza

September 12, 2018

School is a great thing (depending on the person). Personally, school is okay for me. I don't absolutely adore it, but I don't despise it with a passion. But I think one thing we can all agree on is that the best thing about school...

Why I’m not a Hypebeast anymore

Why I’m not a Hypebeast anymore


September 11, 2018

The Hardest Part of Each Class

Angry nerd

September 6, 2018

School is overall a relatively easy thing, but there are obviously a few hard parts about each class. Whether this is a challenging subject, an issue with a student, or an annoying teacher, it is inescapable to have a problem...

Schools should ban homework

Isabella Van Vliet

September 6, 2018

One problem many students are forced to face, is getting too much homework everyday at school. Students do not have enough time to do their homework. According to, “There is only 24 hours in a day. Children and te...