Hale’s Littering Problem

Linoy Bigelman

April 12, 2019

Hello today I'm going to talk about a problem that just doesn't stop at hale. So the problem is that there is a lot of trash here in hale. If you are one of the people that litter, then you need to think of your environment and...

Wack Friends

Teenage Male

April 12, 2019

Now everyone has friends, everyone needs friends. Now your friends are some of the most influential people in your life and can really shape you and your future. Now I'm definitely only writing this article to express my appreciation...

Memories With Nazeli

Mia Allen

April 12, 2019

Nazeli, one of the best friends anyone could ever have. I’ve known Nazeli since second grade. I could think of so many funny memories with Nazeli but to write all of them would take me way to long. One of my favorite me...

Summer Breaks Should Be Longer

Isabella Van Vliet

April 12, 2019

Many people are arguing that summer break needs to be shorter. Those people do not realize how important summer break is to us, the students. If we did not have summer breaks, our lives would be a lot worse. If anything, summe...


Jyrene Bartel

April 12, 2019

Mia is one of my closest friends and I have a lot of memories with her. One of which was when I went over to her house and we wanted to play twister, but she could not find her twister mat. So, we made our own in her front ya...


Me, Me

April 11, 2019

The phrase “beauty is the eye of the beholder” is misleading. Sure, everyone has different tastes and values, but there is a living exception to this common saying. A little Jewish gem that currently resides in my 8th grade...

Hale Day


April 5, 2019

I am a current student at Hale. I am in 7th grade. My life at Hale could be better but I still love the school. The custodians are very nice and so are the teachers and aids. Everyday is like the same for most people but not for...

Schools Should Start Later So Teenagers Could Get More Sleep

Isabella Van Vliet

April 5, 2019

It is recommended that teenagers around nine to nine and a half hours of sleep each night. However, the average teen only gets seven. The early start time of school is probably the most obvious reason for this lack of sleep. ...

Memories with Dana

Mia Allen

April 5, 2019

I met a girl named Dana in second grade. We did not start hanging out until third grade though. It started at school when I asked her if I could hang out with her that day, then I ended up hanging out with her everyday at school....

Group projects

he copied me, i was first

March 29, 2019

Group projects are both despised and loved by many. The latter is usually significantly dumber than the former, but nonetheless the opinions on the matter are divided. It makes sense that the productive dislike having to split...

My Honest Opinion of Hale

Lita Lindquist

March 26, 2019

I've gone to Hale for about 2 years now. Only during my second year did I start to become unhappy here. It's not a problem with the school itself, It's more of a problem with the district. I think Hale might have the potential...