My Top 3 Articles This Year

Joshua Amador

June 2, 2017

xxxtentacion is my favorite article of this year that I wrote. This is an article about the rapper xxxtentacion. X has made many songs over the years. His most popular songs are "Look at Me", "R.I.P Roach", "Sippin Tea In ...

How to get good grades in school.

How to get good grades in school.

Andy Bakir

May 9, 2017

Why Education is Important

Maya Loaiza and Lauren Perez

April 21, 2017

Schools are the places that lay the base of a child’s growth. They help students develop responsibilities like citizenship and teach them morals to become good human beings. Once you leave the education system, we have doors...

10 Life Hacks For School

Sahra Karim

March 10, 2017

School Life Hacks! If you have a bunch of notebooks in your backpack and if you don't know which ones which then you can color the top of your notebook so then you can remember what notebook you need for what class. If you have...

What were our Teachers doing at our Age?

Leah Stark and William Roberts

March 1, 2017

Mr. Moore:  1) Q:What school did you attend for middle school? A: " South Middle School. " 2) Q:  What did you do in your free time when you were a teen? A: " I read comic books, and did a lot of ROTC military th...