The Dispute Over Doritos

The Dispute Over Doritos

September 11, 2018

Secret menu items

Isabelle Sedeghi

September 7, 2018

Secret menu items are getting more and more popular, Some people have no idea what a secret menu even is. In my opinion the most popular place that has a secret menu that most people are aware of Is Starbucks. Not all people Know...

The Milk Saga Pt. 2: The Pros of Drinking Cow Milk

Milk is bad, MILK

September 6, 2018

Last week The Milkman wrote an article on why cow milk is bad (I don't know since he's supposed to be the MILKMAN, who advocates milk) but this article is about why cow milk is actually good for you. The first point Mr. Milkman...

The Cons of Drinking Cow Milk

The Milkman

August 29, 2018

Since cow milk is mass produced and is sold all over the world, you would think that it is healthy for human consumption, but that is where you are wrong kiddo. Based on some science research that really smart people did, it was...

My Favorite Jewish Foods

Lila Goldenberg

May 23, 2018

I'm Jewish and a big part of my culture are the different kinds of foods. Foods are often used at certain holidays or are prayed over at Shabbat. There are hundreds of foods created originally by Jewish peoples, but I have a few...

Different Ways to Cook Rice


May 21, 2018

Alright, so truthfully, I told my friend to tell me the first word in her head and I would write an article about it, and she told me rice. So today we will be writing about how to cook and make your boring rice taste better. Li...

Food that looks Iconic


May 15, 2018

Yo guys, Its me again, back at it again with another food article because I am more hungry than usual. So today we will be showing and talking about iconic looking foods.   Pasta: Now we have all probably had pas...

The Ultimate Citrus

The Ultimate Citrus

May 11, 2018

Stone Fire Grill review

Giovanni Fares, Writer, Activist

May 11, 2018

Stone Fire Grill is one of my go-to restaurants, they basically have everything and they are not too pricey or fancy. Stone Fire is located in the Fallbrook shopping center with these other stores and restaurants. Where, Chilies,I...

Why Welch’s Fruit snacks deserve a Grammy

Why Welch’s Fruit snacks deserve a Grammy


May 8, 2018

What Is Chocolate?

Leah Oliver

April 9, 2018

Chocolate is a type of brown, sweet food that is made up of cocoa beans. Chocolate is usually made in the form of blocks, pastes, and liquids. It can also be used as flavoring for many other ingredients in other certain foods....

Discontinued foods I wish they’d bring back Pt.3

Mireille Apikyan

April 9, 2018

Yo guys whats up! Its yo girl, back at again with part 3 of Discontinued foods I wished they'd bring back. As you probably know, I really take this stuff seriously. And by stuff I mean food. I am very passionate about food. Okay...