Top 15 Most Iconic Video Game Characters Ever

Here is a list of the 15 most iconic video game characters ever!

Jaymog Mistry and Adam Alkhaddam

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#1: Mario is the birth of video game platformers. He is definitely the most known character in video game history, and continues to be a massive icon among everyone.

#2: Pac-Man was so close to taking #1 on this list. He was literally the first video game ever. Pac-Man is an enormous icon among people everywhere, and his first two games were possibly the biggest games ever.

#3: Link is the hero in the massively known Zelda series. He is the main character in all Zelda games, and is in what is possibly the best game ever.

#4: Sonic lives in a world where everything is slower than you and you run with your arms behind your head. He also defeats evil bosses and collects coins on the way. This need-for-speed platforming mash-up is one of the most popular games making this character iconic.

#5: Master Chief is the main character in the super-smash hit Halo series. He is a mysterious character, with extreme powers. He is hugely known around the world.

#6: Donkey Kong is the main character in the revolutionary video game, Donkey Kong, and his popularity spawned an entire video game series, with him as the star.

#7: Pikachu is small, cute and the most famous character in the Pokemon series, he is most known for the Pokemon TV series and his saying “Pika-Chu.”

#8: Kirby can fly with his chubby cheeks, defeating the evil forces in his lands. Kirby looks like a cheerful, innocent and food-loving creature. But what you don’t know until you play his games, is that he is fearless, bold, and brave in the face of danger.

#9: Solid Snake is a cool, strong and extremely mysterious character, who is the main character in the Metal Gear Solid series.

#10: Scorpion is part of one of the oldest video game series, with ten different installments so far. He is very well-known for his ultra-gory fatalities, and is an iconic character in the fighting genre.

#11: Lara Croft is known for being the main protagonist in the Tomb Raider franchise. She is very good in fights and at surviving.

#12: Luigi is Mario’s best friend and appears in almost all Mario games. Although Mario is more well known than Luigi, he still remains one of the most iconic and awesome characters ever.

#13: Glados is a fictional artificially-intelligent computer system and the main antagonist in the video game Portal, as well as in the first half of its sequel, Portal 2, after which she partners with player character, Chell.

#14: Bowser is the main enemy in most of Mario’s games, he has always been a  final boss in the games he is included in.

#15: Steve is the main playable character Minecraft. This blocky character is famous because Minecraft was a super-smash hit.