Our New Principal

Alan Feldmansky and Mikey Siedelman

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One of the new changes Hale has made this year is getting a new principal. His name is Mr. Perdigao. Here are some things you might want to know about him.

Mr. Perdigao came to Hale above all other middle schools, because Hale has a great reputation. He also said that “Hale has a great parent/student community, great teachers, and great extra curricular activities.” We also found out that his first job was at Sylmar high school where he taught social studies in 9-12 grade. After that he got his first principal job at Paul Revere Middle School.

If you want to get Mr. Perdigao’s name right than you should pronounce it like this, Per-da-go. If you were wondering, schools here have more tech and more resources than schools in Portugal. Mr. Perdigao’s favorite moment at Hale was the first few days when all teachers and students welcomed him. You can find him at the 6th grade area at lunch time, but he also moves around sometimes. You could also find him in his office.

For all of you Apple lovers Mr. Perdigao has a iPhone 6+. For those of you who love technology, he wants to make the school a more technologically advanced school. This is one of his many goals for the school. Mr.Perdigao also wants to reduce bullying at this school.

Finally, if you want to impress Mr. Perdigao than you should bring him his favorite food, Crab Shappini. Crab Shapini is a tomato based soup with noodles or rice, with large pieces of crab in it.