The Red Sox/Yankee Rivalry

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Most people know that the Yankees and the Red Sox have always been rival teams, but do they really know why? It all started in 1919 when Harry Frazee (the Red Sox owner) sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000. While the Red Sox were becoming a losing team more constantly, the Yankees were becoming a more successful team in baseball. Through the years the Yankees won 27 World Series titles! The Yankees also produced many Hall of Fame players, such as the baseball legends Mickey Mantle and  Joe DiMaggio.

Due to the Red Sox and the Yankees being in the same baseball division, the two teams ended up playing each other numerous times. The Red Sox fans blamed the Yankees for all their problems, and the Yankee fans gloated in return to the Red Sox fans. Now that, is a true rivalry. In 2003, both teams met in the ALCS. The Yankees won the first three games, but the Red Sox swept the last four to make the World Series, which they won. Now both the Yankees and the Red Sox hold titles for being elite baseball teams.

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