Puig tosses baseball into stands, hits fan in the face


On September 2, Yasiel Puig, an outfielder for the LA Dodgers, threw a baseball into the stands to try and give a lucky fan a souvenir. It was the last out of the 8-2 win for the Dodgers against the Yankees and Puig didn’t think much of it. He threw the ball into the stands and it hit a fan right in the face and knocks out her tooth. The unlucky fan had to be taken to the hospital, and it was all Puig’s fault.

The Dodgers fan on the receiving end of the baseball was Alyssa Gerharter. She states “I saw it coming at me and I thought… I don’t have a glove to catch it.” She also states “after the ball hit me I could immediately feel a hole in my mouth with my tongue” she was rushed to the first aid room in the Yankee stadium and shortly after she was taken to the hospital. Alyssa says she has nothing against Puig or no hard feelings.