The Juicy Secrets of the Cafeteria

Melika Fahimipour and Michelle Levin

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If you have bought food from the cafeteria then you might have seen him, the one and only Mr. Mario, the cafeteria manager. We went inside the cafeteria behind the scenes to interview Mr. Mario about the secrets of the cafeteria food.

Middle school has bigger sizes of food then in elementary school. However, in both middle and elementary school the portion sizes of some certain foods such as coffee cake has decreased. Chocolate milk has been removed from the menu because the calories were high and they wanted the people that they serve to stay healthy.

Can you guess how many servings the cafeteria makes? For both nutrition and lunch each day, they make 600 servings each day. How about a year can you guess. In 1 year they make about 108,000 meals. Wow! That’s enough to last you 100 years.

Many people wonder if the cafeteria buys the food or makes the food, frozen food or from scratch? “The cafeteria makes most of the food from scratch and believe it or not even the tomato sauce is made from scratch,” Mr. Mario said. The Chef’s Salad (see photo) includes turkey ham, shredded cheese, tomato, dressing, eggs, lettuce, and fresh made bread.

We asked,”Did you add any new foods to the menu?” ”The cafeteria has added new foods to the menu such as the barbecue chicken salad and the turkey taco dip.” Mmmmm sounds tasty doesn’t it.

Here’s a tip, if you don’t have your pin number and you want to eat fresh food from the cafeteria go to the manager, Mr. Mario. He’s great, he’s hardworking, he’s Mr. Mario.