Michael Jordan: Retirement or Secret Suspension?

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Six-time championship winner and arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan retired in 1995 after his first three peat with the bulls for a year and a half and then came back for the second three peat. Why would the best and most popular player in the league suddenly retire?

In 1992  Michael Jordan testified in the criminal trial of a man named James Bouler, a drug dealer,  for the possession of a personal check for 57,000 dollars that was signed by Jordan himself. Under oath Jordan admitted that it was a payment for gambling losses. Also in 1993 , a San Diego business man named Richard Equinas wrote a book called “ Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction…My Cry for Help”, and it said that he had won 900,000 dollars from Jordan in golf betting. Around the same time Jordan was seen in a casino in Atlanta hours before one of his games.

After Jordan carried the Bulls to their third championship and won, the NBA investigated Jordan’s gambling problems to see if he had broken any of the league’s rules. After a few months Jordan announced he was retiring from professional basketball and that surprised everybody. A couple days later the NBA said he did nothing wrong.

Lots of people say that there was a secret agreement between Jordan and David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA, were stern told him to retire so he wouldn’t get suspended and also so his incredible name and career wouldn’t get disgraced. This is a good theory because it is very weird for a player like Michael Jordan to retire at the height of his career just to go fail at baseball.

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