Dodgers Reclaim First in NL Division ; Kershaw Expected Back For Playoffs


After trouble with injuries at the start of the season, the LA Dodgers stood in 2nd place in the NL Division behind the San Francisco Giants. On August 10 the dodgers crushed the Philadelphia Phillies 9-3 to move into a tie for first in the division, and then on August 17 the Dodgers beat the Giants to win the series and take first place. The Dodgers now hold the record for 23 injuries in a season but even with those, they still managed to put themselves first place in NL division and a spot in the  playoffs.

The Dodgers pitching stud Clayton Kershaw was having the best pitching season of his life until June 30, 2016. On June 30, 2016 4:47 pm Kershaw was diagnosed with a mild disc herniation and was placed on the DL (disabled list). Dodgers fans were devastated, but they had hope he would return. On July 21 though, the Dodgers announced that a back surgery is a possibility for Kershaw, and if he went through with it he wouldn’t return. Although it was a possibility Kershaw wouldn’t go through with it. Now months later Kershaw is expected to be back sometime in September to return and be healthy for the playoffs.