Top 5 signings in Barclay’s Premier League

At number 1 is Paul Pogba (French), making a record breaking transfer of 93 million pounds.Pogba continued to resist Manchester United’s persistence until they made a the high transfer of 122,627,475$. At first, he did not want to join because he was given away for from Manchester United for “free” to Paris Saint Germain which then gave him away for “free” to Juventus.  But at the end Paul Pogba was sold to Manchester United.

At number 2, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Swedish) goes to Manchester United for free.He refused to renew his contract with Paris Saint Germain, because they would not sell him to Manchester United. He is now in the BPl and is the top scorer in the league.

At number 3 is Granit Xhaka (Swiss), with a transfer for  50,000,000$. After his performance in the Euro Cup Arsenal took interest in the player and they bought him.

Number 4 is Christian Benteke (Belgian) for 35 million euro.After having a poor season at Liverpool he joined Crystal Palace to strengthen the squad.

Number 5 is Kante (French) being bought for Chelsea. He was the only member of Leicester City who got transferred.