How baseball affects life?


Baseball is a sport that makes people interested. Today baseball is a game that involves a bat, ball, and glove. Baseball is an all around sport that has a fun way of saying I’m better than you. But first Baseball affects people by the people who actually play the game. Now the people who watch baseball love the thrill of the game. It is just something that is so addicting you just can’t stop. Baseball has ways of just grabbing your attention. When someone hits a home run, it’s the best sensation.

Baseball has come so far from a bunch of teenagers just grabbing sticks and rocks and hitting them, creating this game. Right now they have created baseball on a video game its called Major League Baseball 16 the show. It is a multiplayer game when to people play against each other. Baseball is the best sport I think but other people think differently. People who watch baseball and sit at home and do nothing just right when you watch. When those Major League players play it  just makes you inspired.

Baseball is one of the best sport  in the world. Baseball has got so many good players such as Mike Trout, Dee Gordon and so on. But watching them hit home runs walk off that end with a home run. The time that people started watching baseball really got interested. Then people just kept watching it.