Kevin Durant Signs With Golden State Warriors


On July 4, 2016 , 2013-2014 MVP winner and 6-time all-star Kevin Durant announced he has signed with the 73-9 record breaking Warriors. Durant supposedly signed a two year $54.3 million dollar contract with a player option after the first year. Former teammate Russell Westbrook commented that his and Durant’s relationship will never be the same and is “ticked off by his departure”. Westbrook is now more motivated to lead his team to greatness and ready to start the season.

Kevin Durant said his decision was based on the potential of his growth. His thoughts were that he needed to change up a bit and move out of his comfort zone to a new city and community. He thought the best decision to enhance his potential would be to sign with the Warriors. Kevin Durant could have easily signed a larger contract with another team but he chose the warriors to try to become the best that he can be.

Now that Kevin Durant is on the warriors they are now hands down the best team in the league and has the most talent the NBA has seen in 30 years.Golden state certainly has the best 2 out of 4 players in the NBA. The warriors now have  what is called the “death” lineup which includes back to back Mvp winner Steph Curry,  3-point champion Klay thompson, Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, and of course Kevin Durant.