Simone Biles’ Road to Victory


19 year old gymnast Simone Biles was born in Ohio 1997. Biles was raised by her grandparents, due to their mother’s struggle with substance abuse. Although her grandmother is not her real mom Simone Biles still calls  her “Mom,” because she has been constantly supportive of her gymnastics career.

Simone Biles only became interested with gymnastics when she went on a field trip to a gymnastics center with her day care group.  “While there I imitated the other gymnasts, and Coach Ronnie noticed. The gym sent home a letter requesting that I join tumbling or gymnastics.” Biles said. Soon after Biles developed all the gymnastics skills we see today. Unlike other gymnasts Biles started at an old age…well old to other gymnasts.

In 2013 Biles became the first female African American to win gold in the all around in the World Championships. From there Simone started to build up her success and moved on to the 2016 Rio Olympics where she won 5 medals four gold and one bronze. It was not easy for Biles to be an olympic level gymnast, because she could not be like other girls her age. No parties and barely any time for homework. Now Simone Biles is a role model for girls to know they can accomplish their dreams if they work hard. With 19 medals Simone Biles made history as the most decorated American gymnast.