Journalism Reflection

This past year, I’ve definitely grown with my writing.

The first/second article I ever wrote for the Hale Telescope was a fiction story called The Girl. It was a horror story about a girl seeing this girl that no one else could see except her and her twin brother. I only wrote two parts of the story and never finished it.

The third article I wrote was another fiction story called ¨The First Day School¨ about the struggles of coming to a new school and not knowing anyone. I can relate to this story because I have always moved around a lot and having to go to new school and it was hard for me.

The fourth article I wrote was called Porky about a boy who was overweight and got bullied because of it.

The fifth (six, seventh, eighth) article was another fictional multi-part story about fairytale characters in the modern day world. Kind of based off of the TV series Once Upon a Time.

The ninth article I wrote was with one of my good friends Florencia. At the time we were obsessed the game ROBLOX. So we wanted to do a story based off of the game. That week we had only written enough words for one of us to turn it in. We both started to write separate stories to turn in since we wanted to turn that article in together. But I had writers block and didn’t have anything to write about. So I took the article that we wrote together and turned it in by myself. Florencia got mad at me. So the next article I wrote was about two princesses who were really good friends and got into a fight. Then the princess at fault apologized and they were happy and friends again. She then forgave me and we were back to normal.

I then continued my story on the fairy tale characters and another sci-fi story about teens who get powers for the next few weeks.

This one time, I got mad at another student in one of my classes. She was acting fake and was lying repeatedly. So I wrote an article about her (leaving her name anonymous of course), naming it ¨Fake¨ like the way that she is acting.

Than for a few more weeks I wrote fiction again.

For the last few weeks I´ve been writing articles with Flor (Florencia) where we go around the school and take surveys of students. We even took survese and didn’t write articles about the survese. For example we took a survey of how many people played basketball in their life. We took another one about how many people listened to the music of the artist Billie Eilish. We wrote an article about social media and how many people have it, why they have it, and what social media apps they have. Almost everyone in sixth, seventh, and eight had some sort of form of social media. From Instagram to Tik Tok.

I think I grew towards the end of the year because instead of just writing made up stories, I actually wrote about something real that’s happening at the school.