Interviewing hale students

I’m not very happy that this is my final article. Not because I hate that it was a article about interviewing students about their experiences and expectations for middle school. But I was planning to do a Weezer album as my last article. But I can’t do that since this is the week where you don’t turn in articles anymore. Well here’s me interviewing students, there’s not a lot of questions.

What were your expectations for middle school?

Steven: I thought I’ll be cool. And a sporty boy.

Max: No expectations

Eric: To be more difficult. And more friends.

Katie: I thought it would be like elementary.

Caleb: Elementary but more people

Karl: Like elementary but better

Alex: More difficult

Sara: Scared. It’s something new.

Berry: I expected to be in more classes.

Nora: No expectations

Srujam: Have a lot of friends, meet new people, get good grades.

Samia: Be more independent. Not be look down as a child.

Madhav: To be not that hard. Make new friends

Brandon: Didn’t have any

Nicolas: Straight A’s which I got

Rachel: Good grades

Seth: A lot of work. Make some friends.

Victoria: A lot scarier. Nervous.

Lila: Expecting to be academically challenging.

Your experiences in middle school?

Steven: It was like the last Jedi. Underwhelming

Max: S****

Eric: Mediocre

Katie: Pretty bad.

Caleb: Sucks

Karl: Average

Alex: different

Sara: I didn’t like 7th grade. 6th grade was fine. I liked 8th grade.

Berry: 6th grade was bad. 7th grade was forgettable. I can bully anyone in 8th grade.

Nora: Special, interesting. A wild ride. Grown a lot.

Srujam: Happy with my time

Samia: A lot more stressful. Made new friends. More eventful

Madhav: A lot harder than I thought to be. But it was fun and made new friends.

Brandon: Didn’t have any

Nicolas: Fun

Rachel: Made friends

Seth: One bad experience. The rest is good.

Victoria: Not fun. But not terrible. Some of my friends were meaner than expected.

Lila: Mostly good. Some bad experiences

Expectations for high school?

Steven: The same for middle school.

Max: None

Eric: Suck

Katie: Way better, somewhat simple.

Caleb: Better than middle school

Karl: Better than middle school

Alex: The work load would increase and stress levels high.

Sara: Scared but exciting

Berry: To start filming

Nora: Hard work. Flexible and independent

Srujam: Just excited. Continue what I’m doing with middle school

Samia: A lot harder. My friends might make new friends. But I hope that we can stay together.

Madhav: To be a little easier. But make more friends.

Brandon: Didn’t have any.

Nicolas: Straight A’s

Rachel: Same thing

Seth: Same but more exciting. Drive a car. Join a band

Victoria: Same thing. But more nervous

Lila: To be difficult. A tighter schedule. I’m expecting a struggle but a good one

Well that’s it. The last answer to them all. Since this is my last article and that Journalism is shutting down. I hope you enjoy my article about me interviewing people about their middle school experiences. Goodbye to all.