Reflecting on Old Articles

In the past I made a couple articles, a few about games, TV shows, shoes, computers, and places, etc. I don’t really have too many articles compared to others in this class, because I switched into this class late (2nd semester). I feel like I somewhat have been getting better at writing my articles every week, and just progressing. The only problem I really ever had writing was coming up with articles for ideas, and what to write for them.

My first article was a review about a game called Rocket League. I feel like this isn’t really that bad of an article, even if it was just my first article on the Hale Telescope. I mean this class is actually kind of fun, because I can just binge watch YouTube videos, or Dragon Ball Super episodes, while I think of article ideas. I feel like my best article was my article about Dragon Ball Super. I feel like it was my best article because I can really just write about something that I know a lot about and love, so I can just keep writing away. My most recent article actually wasn’t that bad though, it was about a new game called Splitgate, that’s super good. I love how you can shoot through the portals and stuff, but I think I’ve definitely been getting better with my writing, I have more of a feel for what I need to write. I just get really stumped on what I want to write about. The Dragon Ball Super series was the only thing I could really just write about something that I knew what to write, and I would just lose track of time and just keep typing away on the Chromebook.

I hope I can keep learning how to be able to keep typing like this with everything I write because it’s definitely a useful skill to have for school, or work, etc. It would definitely help with my school projects, or if I have a journalism class in the future.

I would like to write more articles, but when it’s time its time so I can’t write anymore, because the year is almost over. I mean all of middle school was a long journey, it was an annoying one too. I’m sure many eighth graders can relate to that though. I honestly can’t wait for the year to end, and a new journey will start, high school. I’m somewhat scared for high school, but still it’ll be interesting. I think that my articles might help me do stuff for high school, and I’ve had fun in this class because I still have one of my friends in this, so it’s better than nothing. I think it would be best for me to keep practicing writing possibly so I can keep getting better at it.

The entire semester that I had in this class was sort of fun, and Mr. McCabe was a good teacher too. I found this class somewhat interesting. It’s a good thing we can go on our phones too, because it’s usually super loud in this class, so I can just tune out to music or YouTube videos and stuff, so it isn’t that bad. I’m looking forward for the end of the year and Summer, and this year has been really good. I can’t wait for high school, even though it’s going to suck and be tough to go through all those years, but look on the bright side, at least I’ll still have my friends in high school.