Taking Pointless BuzzFeed Quizzes 3

Welcome back to my quest to find and take pointless BuzzFeed quizzes. This is the third installment of this series, which really tells you I’m running out of ideas. Recently, to extend my search for stupid BuzzFeed quizzes, I  followed the official BuzzFeed quizzes account on Instagram. Somehow that’s a real thing. I’m like dying on the cross for this article series okay?

Spend A Bunch Of Money At Target And We’ll Tell You The Best Thing About You by Andrew Ziegler

Thank you, Andrew, very cool! With this genius quiz, BuzzFeed reasoned that because I enjoy 5-Gum and eraser toppers that I am a kind and approachable person. Unfortunately, I think BuzzFeed’s a little off their game today. ….and everyday

Build Your Dream French Fried And We’ll Reveal What People Love About You by Jesse Szewczyk

Spelling Jesse’s last name correctly took longer than actually taking the quiz. For some reason I don’t understand, my love of waffle fries and bacon (yes, bacon. Trust me, I have just as little an idea of how that relates to fries as you do) makes me a smart and practical person. Whatever you say, O’ Great BuzzFeed.

This Grocery Shopping Quiz Will Reveal Why People Love You by Michelle No

Okay so before I get into the quiz itself, I want to mention that the thumbnail contains a picture of cookies and Ariana Grande, and I don’t know what that means. Anyways, after choosing beef jerky over almonds and pretzels, BuzzFeed deduced that I am a very generous and humble person. That is, in fact, true. I am the most humble and intelligent and generous person you’d ever meet.

This Picture Test Will Reveal Your Deepest Fear by Ben Henry

How in the actual hell are lights supposed to make you happy, BuzzFeed? This has to be the stupidest quiz I’ve taken in awhile. With questions like, “Which waterfall makes you feel the most adventurous?”, I’m ready to cry. Seriously, someone is getting paid to make these quizzes! I aspire to have a career as mundane as a BuzzFeed quiz-maker one day. Anyways, according to the quiz, I am most scared of being hurt. Yeah, me and everyone else, BuzzFeed.

Create A Breakfast Burrito And We Can Tell What Time You Usually Go To Bed by Christopher Hudspeth

I will admit, BuzzFeed sorta got this one right, but only because 12 am is a mildly common time to go to bed. Having steak and bacon and potatoes in my eggs somehow equates to me being a night owl. There’s no point in questioning BuzzFeed’s methods at this point.

Spend A Million And We’ll Tell You Your Most Positive Trait by Jamie Jones

If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t spend it on anything. In fact, I’d invest in stocks and save up so that my fortune grows to the point where I would be able to buy out BuzzFeed and burn it to the ground. This quiz somehow revealed that I am creative after I decided that a villain chair and hot tub would be pretty cool material items to own.