My Predictions about ¨CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS ¨

So first let’s talk about” THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS”. So from what we know The Monitor disturbed the Arrows retirement and tells him “the time had come to honor the bargain they struck in ‘Elseworlds.” So I’m pretty sure that the flash might die because speculation says that season six will be the last season. But  I think that when Superman says that he sees Barry and Supergirl die I think he didn’t mean in Elseworlds but in”THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS”.

Also for as character-wise, we see a lot of our main characters doing something that will help next season except Ralph Dibny all we see him is with a folder and it says Dearbon, where she is in the Flash Comics, is later to be known as Sue Dibny.

So now let’s get back to “THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS” were we were teased about it on the finale episode of the Arrow and that went on how he just told Arrow it was time. So now that we got Arrow out of the way let’s go to the flash.

So we got teased when Barry is holding up Eobard by his suit and Eobard tells Barry see you in the next crisis then speeding away while Nora is being erased from existence.  Then we hear  Gideon saying Incoming Time flux. Then the date going from 2024 to 2019  showing us Crisis will be in 2019.

But now let’s move on to Supergirl were there are actually two teasers for Crisis.  Both involving The Monitor. So the first one is that there is a portal opened up by the Monitor and there is a hooded figure and we can kind of see his face. But when he takes off his hood we see it is a Green Martian. Then the Monitor approaching him and saying You will get your revenge on the brother who wronged you. While Green Martian says ” I am coming for you J’ohn J’onzz”. And From what we know is that that is Martian Manhunters Twin Brother known in the comics as Ma’alefa’ak. SO then we go to the next clip where we see Lex Luther corps there previously shot by his sister after having the hanale talking from him. But then we see the Monitor and it looks like he is reviving Lex Luther Or talking him to a place to be revived. BUt we think is true because in The Crisis in the Comic books Lex Luther was a recruit so therefore we have to assume that they will incorporate some things from the comics.

But then Finally DC’s  Legends of Tomorrow teaser were they are attempting ng to fight a fear demon at Heyworld. SO then we see him shaking his head as if he was thinking these are the people the Multiverse is in the hands of. Which in my case I thought it was funny because the Legends mess up a lot. Also, Speculation says that they will try to include everyone who is alive in the Multiverse including Wally West.