Eighth grade has been an interesting year, especially with the inclusion of Journalism. Journalism is a great elective that schools sometimes overlook. It is an elective that helps you develop your writing style and enhance your creativity. It helps you collect all your ideas and put into an article that shows how you feel about that particular idea. It lets the writers have freedom and creativity with the articles. It lets the writers write about ideas without restricting the writers with specific formats and unnecessary research about that topic. The way the articles is formatted is very free and unburdening, unlike English essays where they restrict you to a specific format. The writer is free to write about anything that comes to mind, although being limited to being school-appropriate.

For myself, Journalism has helped me express my ideas in a way that isn’t cumbersome and very complicated. To get my ideas out there, all I need to do is write about it and publish it. Another thing that Journalism has helped me improve in is that increased my vocabulary, not as much as a normal conversation would, but increased nonetheless. It has also helped me get better at typing. No other class has been focused so much on typing, so over time your typing would get worse, so having an elective focused around typing would naturally help your typing skills and help you improve. It helps you improve in English more than English class itself.

Throughout the first couple of weeks of Journalism, I wrote about historical topics and topics that I was interested in. I did research about those topics. Some of the topics I wrote about was food waste and historical battles. For those articles, I did extensive research about those topics, little details about each topic, like the countries that waste the most food and the countries that don’t. I also did research about the little details of historical battles, like the death count and the specific strategies that the countries and armies used in the wars and battles. I also researched about the starting and ending locations of each battle.

Then a few weeks after, I figured out a new way of writing articles. I picked an inanimate object that I deemed interesting and wrote about the weird exceptions of those specific objects. For example, if the inanimate object is a water bottle, I would write about the weird designs and exceptions of water bottles. I would write complicated and beautiful backstories of the inanimate objects and how they would and have progressed society as a whole.

Joining Journalism was an amazing experience. It has taught me to write better and improved my typing skills. It has improved my usage of vocabulary and expanded it at the same time. Journalism was an amazing creative outlet that I can freely pour my creative ideas and thoughts into. It is a place where I can pour my thoughts into an article and it isn’t restricted by writing formats and other restrictions.