The Flash season Five Review [! SPOILERS! ]

So today’s Article is a little bit different than my other articles. But today I am writing about my opinion on the Flash Season five review. So  I loved how they set up every episode giving you the knowledge you will need for the upcoming episodes. I like how they set up events of objects that will be in later events. For instance like Spencer Young’s phone, it came up in “GONE ROUGE” were Nora West-Allen uses it to hack into a laboratory. Also when They went back in time when they thought that they can destroy his dagger were Nora says her name to Thawne and says they there for Cicada. Also, the only reason that he needs this information is that in the future when Cicadas’ Dagger was strapped on his chest he knew he needed to find Nora West- Allen and show her how to destroy Cicada’s  Dagger so he would be free from Prison.

Also what I like is how he got the name Cicada and here are the reasons why it is because of how to breathe he breathes like chirping Cicadas. That is a very creative way to come up with a villains name. Also, I liked how they changed how there is Meta Tech not just Meta-humans but Meta tech. I find that pretty cool because since season one through four it was always Meta-Humans never meta tech so I do like the fact that they did change it up.

Also,I like how vibe or better known as Cisco Ramon is struggling with his life as Vibe and as Cisco. But in the end, it touched a lot of fans hearts when we find out after all his research he finally took the Meta-Human Cure. But I also really liked was the episode “The Flash” King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd. I particularly like this episode because for a TV show it had ok CGI. I also like the episode “GODSPEED”. I like this episode because it really does show us the real Nora West- Allen and we get to see her background and why she went to Thawne.

Also, we get to see why she wants to help people. I also like Else Worlds because of how it had an okay plot and the only reason I say this is because I felt could have gone over everything in one or two episodes but three I felt like it was repetitive. I also liked how it wasn’t just one Cicada there were two the was CIcada and Cicada II or known as Shecada. But “CAUSE AND XS” was great to it shows how close they are to getting the  Meta-Human Cure. But there was a downside were almost the whole team Flash was almost dead.

One of my most favorite and most anticipated moment was where Sherloqe tells Nora’s secret were he tells the whole team flash that Nora West-Allen is working with Eobard Thawne. But my second favorite is when Eobard has escaped from Iron Heights. But in my heart, I will miss Nora West-Allen and Vibe.