Have My Articles Improved?

I’ve been in journalism for two years now, and I’ve never really checked back on my articles to see if I have or have not improved. Now that this has been assigned to me I had to go over my old articles and see if I’ve noticed any improvement. Over these past two years, my hypothesis is that I’ve actually gotten worse at writing articles due to being lazy. My writing may have improved but in some of my articles, I would say the actual ideas and overall quality of my articles have gone down, mainly due to creative burnout.

I’ll start with my first ever article, “A Loser’s Guide to Being Cool.” In this article, I basically went over how to be cool in a sort of condescending way. At this time, I was a sort of hateful seventh grader looking out for revenge in this world. I would say that even though this article was written almost two years ago, and may have many more grammatical errors than my recent articles, it still stands as one of my favorite articles I’ve ever written.

My last article of seventh grade was “The Seventh Grade Experience Part Two.” In this two part article series, I review my experience in seventh grade. Looking back now, I’d say that it was probably my favorite year of middle school. I definitely notice improvement in grammar, formatting, and usage of other writing elements. Even though I did not enjoy the second part, I really did enjoy writing the first half. Overall though, I’d say I’d improved over seventh grade.

In eighth grade, I began my first article starting off the year ended right where the last one ended. I began with talking about my experience in eighth grade, only on day one. I went through basically everything that happened that day, the new people, teachers, the ups and downs. It was an interesting article, but many better ones were to come.

Later in November of that semester, we had our first ever officially assigned article. We were given the choice to either write an article on Universal Basic Income or one of the many California propositions in the November Elections. I chose the latter. It was an interesting experience actually having an assigned article for the first ever time, and it had its pros and cons. This is a decent article of mine, and definitely and interesting one due to the concept.

I decided to end my journalism career with a walk down memory lane. My last three articles (not including this one) were part of a three part series. I decided I’d go over all three years of middle school and go over and explain why each of these years was so good, bad, or a bit of both. In my personal opinion, I said sixth grade was bad, seventh grade was good, and eighth grade was a bit of both. These were my last articles and I really did enjoy writing all three of these. My last article going over eighth grade was my longest ever article and probably will stay one of my favorites through the years. I would say, now that I’ve really though about it, my articles really have improved.