Revisiting My Previous Articles

I remember vividly the first article that I uploaded at the beginning of the year. This was actually a really long time ago but I remember it like as if it were yesterday. It is titled, “Are Kids Addicted to Their Phones?” I did this article with my good friend, Elinor. I think that I really evolved in the way that I choose words. Back then, I used a lot of the same words and repeated a lot. I think now, I’ve gotten better at choosing more interesting and just better words.

After that, I got more into fiction writing. I still now really like reading fiction. It’s basically my favorite book genre. But not crazy fiction like about fairies and monsters, like love stories about people that are made up and that type of stuff. So, I started writing that type of fiction. I really like it because there’s just so much freedom. You can write about whatever and anything can happen, it’s your choice. I did go back and forth between the “crazy” fiction, just because I did want to try it out.

My second article was titled, “The Last Day (Part 1)” The story starts with a girl that got the confidence to talk to her crush but gets interrupted by her teacher, then it goes on that the girl is really mean to her mom and falls asleep. Then wakes up and is in like an alternate universe or something. Something that I think I changed now is that I wasn’t really clear of the situation. Also in Part 2, I  didn’t mention anything about the crush, so that part was pretty pointless and now I would’ve included him or at least mentioned him again later in the story. I actually never finished that story.

I’m not going to keep going in order but I did try doing more “horror” genre, it didn’t really work out that well. I don’t know why. But not too long ago, I remember writing this series, “Headphones On.” It was six parts and I did finish the story. Actually, it was the first story that I actually finished writing, oops. I really liked that series because it had visuals, like text message screenshots and that was really fun to do. The story is about a girl who’s best friend is missing and she thinks that somebody stole his phone and is sending weird messages but you really don’t know who it was until the very end. It is also a little bit scary. It’s mostly horror than anything else but it’sI  also obviously fiction.

Another article that I had written that I found is titled, “The Infinite Loop of Dreams.” And honestly, I don’t remember writing that at all. I actually really like some of the wording I used and I feel like it really makes the scene show a little bit better. But also, I did have some unclear parts later on. You couldn’t really understand what I was talking about unless you kept on reading. Something else that is kind of confusing is that I started the article/story talking in the third person but then I go on to talk in the first person, so that was also kind of confusing. So this article, I think was supposed to be a horror type thing in the beginning but then I realized that I didn’t know how to pull that off so I made it kind of a comedy type thing?

It was really fun and nostalgic to go back and look at how far I’ve come, I guess you could say. I never realized or really paid attention to notice the little things that I got better at.