Interesting Psychological Facts

Most of the time, psychological facts are not true unless they have a lot of scientific research and evidence behind it. Sometimes we might read some on the internet or a book, and believe it word for word. We might think it is true probably because we can relate to it. However, some of us do not believe any of these psychological facts because we think it’s silly. You never know some of them seem too good to be true. If you one hundred percent believe these facts then don’t let them get into your head too much to the point where it might ruin your self esteem. For example, one psychological fact is that the more you spend on someone, the more happier you’ll feel. Don’t take this too seriously and start spending millions of dollars on people.

One psychological fact that many people believe it is true is that if you tell your goals to others, you are less likely to succeed. Many studies show that you lose motivation, but personally I don’t think that is true. I feel like its okay to tell people what you are trying to achieve, and that way they can see that you are passionate about your goals. I think it also shows maturity and courage to have goals and work hard to achieve them. I absolutely disagree that it makes you lose motivation because it shows that you are determined to make your goals become a reality. However, I do understand why people might lose motivation by continuously announcing their goals. I would also rather keep this information to myself unless I encounter a situation in which I feel like it is necessary to tell someone. Overall, this psychological fact does not seem reliable to me.

Another fact is that, the type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world. I do agree with this psychological fact. If you listen to happy songs it might prevent you form thinking that the world is a cruel place. One reason why I totally agree with this fact is because music has a huge influence in our lives. It can change our moods, our thoughts, our thinking, and the way we approach things. When we are sad some songs can give us motivation or happiness. There are many different types of music that can make us feel many different ways. There are many people that struggle with serious problems like depression, yet music might be able to change their mood for the worse or the better. However, sometimes music is what causes this feelings and situations. That is how music has a huge influence and impact in our lives.

As you can see there are many psychological facts that make sense. Meanwhile, there are many other facts that do not make sense at all. It is your choice whether you believe any of this facts that might or might not explain why humans do what they do. Personally, I don’t believe most of these facts, but some seem true.