Journalism summary

I really want to be as honest as possible in this article. I don’t want to just lie and say everything was great and it was the best elective I have ever had because even though I did like this class it wasn’t my favorite elective ever.

As much I like how chill this class is, sometimes people in here are really annoying and make it not fun at all. I honestly don’t mind writing articles because of its only 500 words and I’m completely fine with that, anyways that’s off topic. Back to the annoying people I have a couple of good friends in this class and I’m glad about that, I’m closer with some than I am with others and that’s good I guess. Anyways back to annoying people. I’m not going to name names cause that would actually be really mean and I’m not like that so whatever. I feel like annoying people sum up about 50% of our class and that really sucks if you think about. I do think that I can be annoying but I try my best to be as chill as possible because if it annoys me when people are loud or yell and scream then it probably annoys them as well. Even though we are basically allowed to do whatever we want if it’s not breaking any rules like were allowed to talk and stuff. Sometimes I wish it could just be quiet in there. Even though I might sound like a party pooper or something like that I honestly don’t care sometimes I work better when it’s quiet. I’m going to be one hundred percent honest I can’t focus with music on at all, this might be off topic but who cares it’s my last article is a mess anyways.

Back on the music thing, some teachers let their students listen to music because it helps students focus and I do have a couple of friends who it does help them focus, but for me not at all. Music distracts me because I just want to start singing and stop doing my work. Ok back on topic, probably the last thing I don’t like about journalism is figuring out what to write about, like when the year started I guess it was fun talking to my friends asking what they were going to write about and comparing ideas, now I just think of whatever comes to mind and start writing which is not going to lie pretty cool if you think about it.

Now after all the stuff I said I don’t like let me talk about the stuff I do like, I liked being able to study when I had a test next period or if I wanted to get a head start on my homework. I liked meeting new people who are genuine friends and who care about me as much as I care about them. I really liked expanded my writing skills and my ability to write. Overall I’m sad there will be no more journalism as it was a fun class and even though it was very annoying at times it was still really fun.

Goodbye Journalism.