My improvement in writing

Since I joined journalism I have greatly improved on my writing. My first article was something I was extremely comfortable with, It was about Lionel Messi. Since I was such a bug fan of Messi this article seems easy for me. But as time went on I had to think of new articles and I think this was my only problem. I didn’t know what else to do so I started writing fiction. My first fiction in this class was called, “The crash”. I often wrote fictions because i felt that it was very easy to just keep coming up with new ideas and thoughts. For example in my article, “The Crash”, I did a sequence of events that affected others people lives.

After my first fiction, I was satisfied with making articles like this but I wanted to try something new. The next article was titled, “My trip to Israel.” This one was a little more challenging for me because I had to describe my trip but yet still keep the audience engaged. This was not to big of a problem to me because it was a very interesting. After this article I went to try another fiction. This article was called, “Jack vs Jack.” This article was about a kid finding out he has a power and going to a different dimension.

After this I switched back to a article about my family. For this article, I greatly improved with using adjectives because I wanted to perfectly describe my family. This article was a bit harder then my old ones but I managed to achieve 500 words and a well written article. The next article I did was,” The Great Mail Run.” This was a letter to a student from a different school. This was not too hard for me because of my knowledge of this school.

One thing I learned from all these classes when to use words at the right time. For example I used to be confused with effected and affected but after making these mistakes countless time I became more grammatically correct. My next article was, “My top Favorite artist” this article also lead to a streak of my top five favorite things. These were very easy because I picked topics I was very comfortable with like companies, artist, teams, NBA player etc. After a couple of these I went back to a fiction. The next fiction I did was titled, ” Walking alone.”

This article was very important to me because it was inspired by a true story. The story it was based off was, when my dog ran away and I had to get her. When I got my dog I saw people opening other people’s mailboxes. I didn’t think much of it I just tried to swerve to the other direction. The people held me on my back and I ran away. In conclusion, I improved greatly in writing. Journalism helped me type faster, have better grammar and know where and when I need to put punctuations.