The End of Journalism

As the year winds down and eighth graders grow restless to culminate, now is the time to reflect. Part of that reflection includes my experiences and articles in journalism. Though not much has changed and I still write stupid articles that lack any real sense, I can see small improvements in my writing.

Let’s start at the beginning of the year. In the very first month or so– before I became the unoriginal procrastinator I am today– I was excited and ready to begin journalism. I had plenty ideas and was very enthusiastic to start the elective. My first few articles included ranking topics in a top 5 type style and writing about my opinions on Doritos and the Bee Movie.

Around the middle to the end of the first semester, I began a series of “how-to” articles, inclusive of masterpieces such as How to be Emo to the Extremo, How to be a Weaboo, and How to be a Trendy Hipster. I think some of these are my best works to be honest and I’m very proud of the humor on them. They started to develop more structure and the writing and jokes were way more clever. Not that any of my jokes are clever to begin with.

In the beginning of the second semester, not gonna lie, I stopped caring. I had some personal stuff going on, and the last thing on my mind was finishing my journalism articles, nonetheless putting effort into them. As a result of this lack of motivation, I began writing my “clothed animals” article series. Examples include Clothed Goats, Clothed Chickens, and Clothed Squirrels, which was my personal favorite clothed animal article. I think this series of articles was the peak of my humor. For some reason, my apathetic attitude seemed to greatly improve my sense of humor.

From middle of second semester to now, I’ve reverted back to review articles. These articles include my Taking Stupid Buzzfeed Quizzes series and other such articles that rank and reflect on the past three years in middle school. The writing about Hale and middle school seems to be more reflective and somewhat nostalgic.

Out of all my articles, here are my top five in no particular order:

Clothed Squirrels: I was going through a lot when I wrote this article, and I remember just taking out all my pent up anger on clothes with stupid outfits on. I don’t know why, but the article is nothing short of hysterical in my opinion and it was wildly fun to write.

How to be Emo to the Extreme-o: This was an insanely fun article to write. I based it off many anecdotes and people I know who consider themselves to be “emo,” making it an enjoyable article to make.

My Favorite VeggieTale Characters: When I wrote this article, I had just started off in journalism. I was still original, funny, and inspired, which shows in the writing in this article. Plus, I got to take a trip down memory lane and remind myself of the memories of VeggieTales.

Onesies: I love this article. The concept started as an inside joke between a few of my friends and developed into the article it is now.

Crocs: Listen man, I just really like Crocs.