I have been in Journalism for almost forty weeks now. Every one of those weeks I have submitted an article. Forty articles aren’t all going to look the same. I do believe some of them are very bad, but as the year went on they progressively became better. I have improved in many ways ever since the beginning of the school year.

During the beginning of first semester, I wasn’t looking forward to writing five hundred words a week. Five hundred was a huge number, and most of my short stories and English essays were never that long. When I thought I had finished my first article, I actually only had one hundred words. Now I can’t think of any article that could be compressed into only a hundred words. I struggled to fit in more words. When I finished, I was only a few words over the minimum required. Now, after being used to writing five hundred words, see it as a very small number. My more recent articles have way more than just five hundred.

Over the school year, I have begun to write faster. It took me several days to write my first article. Now, I could one in just one hour. As mentioned in the paragraph above, my articles became longer. The change in my speed may have caused that. Now that I finish my articles faster, I have a lot more free time to rest. Hopefully I don’t lose my improved writing speed over the summer so that I could finish my English essays faster and have even more free time!

I began proofreading more. At the beginning of the school year, and the years before I barely glanced at a story or essay before declaring it finished. Now, I reread my writing to make sure there are no mistakes or confusing sentences. I loved writing ever since I was little, but I never saw the importance of proofreading until now. Trust me, it is very important to reread what you wrote. You never know when you’ll catch an error.

I start planning my articles beforehand. My first few articles had very little planning. Many of my previous articles used sources to prove a point. I used to do all my research while writing my article. I found many points I already used while doing the research for those articles and didn’t put them in. Now that I think of it though, those sources may have had better information than the ones I had originally found. I then realized I could make a Google Doc to organized all my information. I made a table and put all my points on it, then put all of the sources and citations that proved that point. I was able to do the actually writing faster this way and make the article better. Along with my articles, I have begun to plan out my English essays, stories, and poems more efficiently.

I have noticed a lot of improvement in my writing this year.
I cannot wait to leave here