My Journalism Experience

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This is the last Journalism article I’ll ever write in this class, and probably in general. As the last article of the year, Mr. McCabe has tasked us on writing an article whether or not we have improved our writing skills, or not. As such, I will do this, but also explain my experiences with Journalism. I don’t think I would be able to write an article JUST about whether I improved or not, so I need something else to write about.

I’m just going to say straight off the bat: I improved my writing. BUT, I believe it’s only due to the fact that I started using Grammarly. I don’t think my vocabulary increased or my sentence composure improved. But thanks to Grammarly, it helps point out my grammar/spelling mistakes, which do end up helping me. That alone makes my articles LOOK better and much easier to understand.

Now for my experiences with Journalism. To me, Journalism was always a period for me to have a breather. I LOVE the option of working on your article OR do something else. Journalism gave me time to work on other work I needed to prioritize more than my articles. With Journalism, I was able to finish my homework, most of the time, which ended up with me having more free time at home! Speaking of home, I always write my articles at home as there are fewer distractions. I also tend to finish my articles in one day, instead of working on it multiple days in class. And then speaking of articles, the freedom we have is something I’m thankful for. Writing is not my forte. And when Journalism doesn’t require anything specific at all, I sighed with relief! I’d be so thankful if I could have a period just like this in high school.

Now I’ll state which articles I’m pretty proud of. Starting in the order of my beginning articles to my latest articles, number 1 is “My Favorite Online Third-Person Shooter Game: F̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶Splatoon 2.” From my knowledge, this article is the “largest number of words” of the school years 2018-2019. I reread it today, and I’m pretty satisfied with how I conveyed the information. I feel I informed the reader pretty well. I also get to flex because of that word count ;). Number 2 of which articles I’m proud of is “The Burger Joints My Dad Personally Likes.” This is my only article where it’s a “normal” article idea. Since my dad’s a chef, I was curious as to what burger joints he enjoys. I felt very accomplished as well because Mr. McCabe got to learn something new about me, even though I was one of his students last year. My final article, number 3, that I’m proud of is “A Good Understanding About Shipping And My Thoughts On It.” Shipping is something a hobby of some sorts. And since shipping originated from my second favorite thing of all time, anime, I was able to relay information about shipping that people don’t normally know about.

And that is my final article for Journalism. Journalism was super fun, and I hope I can experience something similar to it in the future.