My Weekend + Monday

So I came home from school and was so excited there was only two more weeks of school. I feel like every year the school year passes a lot faster. This year has gone by so much faster because I got to meet some new friends. And it’s fun to play around during the passing periods. Also, I had some more fun classes that some year. Like this one, because you learn how to write a standard paragraph without any mistakes.

So I came home from school and played a little bit of Fortnite. I also helped with the making of the front yard. We have been re-doing the front yard. Keep in mind that our front yard has a little bit of a slope. So, there is three steps with decomposed granite. Decomposed granite has a couple of benefits. Like, it doesn’t blow away that easily, and it doesn’t flood that easily with all of the rain that pops down on it.

Then, leading from the steps, there is a path towards the back door and the front door. And of corse it’s decomposed granite. But now there are three areas in-between all of the pathways and the steps. So, on two of the sides we put three different kinds of the same plants. On the last side we put a tree called a Palo Verde. It is really pretty because the whole tree it green with yellow flowers. I love the tree because it is so beautiful, but I would rather have a fruit tree.

But then, under one of the paths my dad put a couple of PVC pipes to let water run through. Because if we didn’t then water would get flooded and create a muddy mess. I think that that exceptional idea. But right now there is rocks on top of all of that.My mom doesn’t really like that because it isn’t modern. I don’t really care, because it is their decision.

But I didn’t have baseball this weekend because of the special three day weekend. I likes that because I sprung my finger on Wednesday. And I couldn’t go this Wednesday either because of my finger. But then I went with my dad. We went to see his grandma, because she fell. And she isn’t doing well because she’s old. I am very sad because my dad is sad. My Dad’s grandma can’t even talk. And she is in pain. But then my friend came over the next day. We played little bit of Fortnite. For about an hour or so. Then we went in my pool. We went because it was heated to eighty five degrees. And that is very warm.

We had a lot of fun. We were throwing a bouncy ball at the wall a lot. It kept bouncing wherever it wanted to because of how the rocks were placed. We went in the hot tube. But then my friends sister came. Like a nice sister she said that she will go all the back home, get my friend’s cloths, then come back so that my friend can sleep over. And my mom finally said “Yes” to something like that. Then we had to got to school the next day.