Goodbye Journalism, its been fun

Hey guys. This article is gonna get a little sappy, and sentimental, because this is indeed the last article that I will be writing for The Hale Telescope. If you did not know, I’ve been in journalism for two years. And I have learned a lot from this elective. First off, its honestly the best elective in this school, no question. And the people that I have met have become quite close to me. But most of all, its been the best to see gradual improvement over each article that I put out. So lets rate a few of my favorite articles.

Cooking on a Budget | Making Ramen The right way: Alright, let us start this article off with my first article. I really had no idea what to write about when I first started this class. Mr. Mccabe said you could write about absolutely anything you wanted. And that left me with a lot of options. So, at the end, I finally chose something that was very near and dear to my heart. Instant ramen. It was/ still is my favorite quick food to make in a pinch. And when done right, can taste really great. I gave a recipe anyone could really use to spice up their ramen, and how to cook it. That really opened the flood gates for me in terms of not having ideas.

Top 4-10 articles: You can really see my writing go through phases during the two years I have been here. I started rating some of my favorite gadgets I liked to use at the time. Also, they were incredibly easy and I wrote a bulk of them in one sitting. At one point, I had written like ten articles, just so I could do math homework in the class. (I’m also really bad at math).

Restaurant articles: Next up, we have some of my favorite articles to write. Restaurant articles. These were about different places that I would like to go and eat at (obviously). I had a lot of fun writing about the food I ate, and what my favorite dishes to order were. (And the occasional restaurant life hack that I acquired after going there so many times). These genre of articles that I wrote were the result of iconic pieces like Jinya Ramen is thicker than a snicker, Pizza Rev is a Full Course Meal, and Thickest Chipotle Life Hax. They were truly some of my most iconic pieces of written work in this class.

Well, it’s really the end of the road for me. I am going on to high school now. And while I absolutely love this class, and will always miss this place. Oh, and you bet I am gonna be bragging about how I had the best elective in middle school (for two years in a row by the way!) I think it is finally time for me to move on and test different opportunities, and different electives. But, as all things come to an end. Goodbye journalism, you will be missed.