Best Drinks

In life you need 3 major things to survive: food, shelter, and water. Water is really, really, really important! Water makes up every drink in some way, which is why it is good to know tasty/healthy drinks.


Water is the basis of every drink and is one of the healthiest out there. It is not the tastiest but does quench your thirst when needed. Water also has 0 calories! Meaning you could drink  Water comes in many forms such as straight out of the tap and bottled. Many brands make bottled water such as Arrowhead, Crystal Gyser, and many more store name brands. Water is essential in life so it’s good to know where to get it.

Sports Drink/Gatorade

Now, it’s not the healthiest drink. However do realize many of these aren’t very healthy. I am only judging on taste. Gatorade is a drink specifically made for the Florida Gators. The drink has many flavors such as Fruit Punch, Orange, Glacier Freeze, and Blueberry. This drink quenches your thirst and gives a good taste as well.

Snapple Fruit Drink

Snapple is known most commonly for its tea but they also make another drink that is just as good. Snapple’s fruit drinks come in Mango Madness, Orange Carrot, Kiwi Strawberry, and Snapple Apple. These drinks taste good cold and is so very refreshing on a hot summer day.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice is a drink you have almost 100% had. It isn’t usually very good with some exceptions. I will not say because you may like those “exceptions”. Some of the best apple juice brands are Minute Maid, Welch’s, and Mott’s. These are all 100% apple which makes them the healthiest and the tastiest.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice has a similar story to Apple Juice because it is made mostly from the actual fruit. Orange Juice is very healthy and has good vitamins and nutrients to go along with it. Orange Juice brands include Minute Maid, Tropicana, and Simply Orange. These all use 100% orange to make the juice giving it the edge on how healthy it is. Anyway Orange Juice is very tasty but also is healthy.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea is a very good sweet, or not sweet drink for a hot day. The greatness doesn’t stop there, Iced Tea also has a nutritious edge with it lowering the risk of cancer, encourage weight loss, and help lower high blood pressure. Not only this but it also tastes really good. Whether you sweeten or keep it unsweetened your tea will still taste incredible.

As I said before water is really, really, really, important! We need it to survive and over time people came up with ways to make juices, teas, and all sorts of other delicious drinks. However, you may say soda is the best. Not true, soda is a bad drink because it is very unhealthy. It can cause heart disease and give the consumer extra fat that is not needed. It may taste good but that doesn’t mean it is good.