My Trip to Las Vegas

Recently I went to Vegas over Memorial Day weekend. When I was there I did many awesome things. Here’s what I did.

On Thursday, May 23 I went to Las Vegas with my parents. We stayed at the Delano, a resort in Las Vegas without a casino. This made the stay feel very calm and not feel like people were gambling below you. Our room was very nice but only had 1 bed. Knowing this ahead of time we brought a inflated mattress that I had to sleep on. It was not comfortable but that did not take away from anything else during the trip.

On Friday, May 24 I went to the pool for the day and around 5:00 pm headed out for the night. We did not eat an official dinner that night but had a light meal before we left. We then headed to the Mirage to see The Beatles “Love”. The show was great and was one of the best Las Vegas Cirque De Solei shows ever! Preforming to the best songs by the band, they created a great time for anyone. But nothing would top the next day.

On Saturday, May 25 my father and I went to the pool with my mom and then left to go watch All Elite Wrestling’s first event Double or Nothing at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. This show was great and had the best wrestlers in the world appear, including special surprises by Adam Page, Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page (not related to Adam Page), and Jon Moxley (the former WWE Dean Ambrose). Then my father and I were going to pick up a taxi but the line for one was so long because of the 12,000 people leaving the event. We walked for a while and tried to get and Uber and Lyft for almost an hour when we finally got an Uber. We then went home and ordered room service.

On Sunday, May 26 my mom, dad, and I went to a mall to visit the Las Vegas Fight Shop where we saw many cool wrestling, MMA, and boxing related items. Later on we went to the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, of Pawn Stars fame. When there we saw many historical artifacts and took some pictures of the shop. However, the Pawn Stars did not show up. On our way back we stopped by a vintage and collectible toy store, Rogue Toys. Here I found a Avengers Endgame Thanos figure that I quickly snagged. Then we went to the Mandalay Bay hotel and ate at the Wolfgang Puck: Lupo restaurant, which was the best meal of the trip. After that I went with my dad late at night to the HyperX Esports Arena and played for about an hour and a half and then went back to the room and slept. On Monday, May 27 we all went to the poor for many hours and then went home. The car ride back was horrible taking 7 hours due to traffic. When we finally got home I was beat tired and went to bed.