Journalism Reflection

Why LAUSD needs to bring back Journalism


The Journalism elective should stay as an elective for next year because it helps improve writing skills and is the only class besides Creative Writing where you can write what you want. Some of the articles written for Journalism probably also wouldn’t be allowed in Creative Writing.

At the start of the year, I wrote longer articles (my first one on Mars was 1000 words long) until I realized it’s much easier to write on easier subjects like video games and do shorter articles, so I can ensure I get done by the end of the week. Now I’m trying to put out as many articles as I can before the end of the semester since the election isn’t coming back. My writing skills have improved, except I’m more used to writing about video games and other less “newsworthy” topics, unlike my first one about Mars and the one about the King Tut exhibit.

The elective should stay as an option for future years for many reasons. For one, it improves writing and gives students an opportunity to write whatever they want. Second, it is a good elective for future journalists and also one of the only ways to find out about the Hale Telescope, the school’s only newspaper. Removing Journalism will remove the Hale Telescope and it will require a replacement. And if we replace the Hale Telescope, there will need to be someone to write for it, such as a Journalism elective. Maybe to LAUSD, these things aren’t as important as the curriculum electives.

The newspaper isn’t the only thing that will go. There will be one less elective that lets students learn at their own rate. A lot of electives now are all curriculum, following one step after another. In Intro to Computers, we had one assignment after another with not as much time for free experimentation or learning at our own rate. Electives like Horticulture and Journalism feel more like electives than regular classes because you can learn at your own rate. You still have to do your assignments, but you don’t have a long list of projects and classwork and online work that makes it feel like an added academic class. In Journalism and Horticulture, students still learn things, but in a way that makes it feel less like another class.

One thing about Journalism is that not only does it improve writing skills, but it also improves writing skills and makes you more familiar with the topics you want to write about. This makes it more comfortable to start and makes it easier to improve student’s writing skills, due to them not needing to research some theme that they most likely don’t want to write about. The class also lets people choose their style. When I am assigned work in English, I don’t have time to write in my own style, it’s just “12 points, Times New Roman, double spaced” for each assignment.

Electives, in my opinion, should be more like break periods from the other work, while also having students learn something. Electives like Journalism are good at this as they let students learn at their own pace (they still have to work, but that’s okay).