Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a very new game. The game was released on May 22, by the company 1047 Games. Splitgate has a very unique feature. Something that most fps (first person shooter) players have never really seen before. Basically the game allows you to create portals on certain walls. You can enter these portals, shoot through them, and look through them. You are only able to see through your own portals though. If you find enemy portals, you can still walk through, and shoot through their portals. To destroy their portal you use an EMP to destroy it, by throwing it at the portal. The graphics in Splitgate are awesome. The graphics look very good, and look somewhat realistic, even if the game does take place in space (sometimes). If I were to say what game Splitgate is like,  I’d say it reminds me of the game Halo, and the game Portal. In Splitgate, there are some weapons scattered around the map. You can pick these up, but you have to drop the weapons that you already have.

In the game, you start out with a scoped assault rifle and a scoped pistol. The assault rifle and pistol are actually somewhat good. There are certain weapons that you can pick up, these weapons have a faint outline with the name of the gun appearing above it. Some weapons that you can pick up are the battle rifle, and the SMG (Sub Machine Gun). The battle rifle and SMG are actually really good though. The battle rifle is basically just a burst rifle, and the SMG is just a sub machine gun, the SMG is really overpowered though, so I always pick it up whenever I have the chance.

The portal idea in this game is awesome. I don’t think any gamer’s have really seen anything like that in an FPS game. They implemented this feature perfectly, because it goes so well with the game. So the portals aren’t too overpowered, they made it so you can put them everywhere, but only on certain blue walls with a somewhat triangular pattern on it. You can set down your own portals, shoot through them, look through them, and walk through them. I really love this idea because it makes the game so fun. If someone places down an enemy portal, it is glowing red, while your portals glow purple or orange, and your teammate’s portals glow blue. You can’t see through enemy portals, but you can still shoot through them, and walk through them. If you’re standing in front of an enemy portal, you should either destroy it, or if your reticle turns red, then start shooting through because it means that there is an enemy on the other side of the portal. In Splitgate, you also get a jetpack so it’s not as easy to kill you when you’re flying around. Your jetpack only lasts for a limited time in the air when you’re using, so you have to be careful on your fuel consumption, don’t worry though because it will regenerate automatically after using it.

All in all, this game is awesome, and it may even be the killer of some other games. I think this game can easily develop, if they have good developers, and listen to the community very well, and improve on what the community thinks of the game. I think FPS gamer’s should really try it out, because they will most likely like the game.