Legacy- The Flash

So we start off this episode were Ralph Jumps in front of Shecadas dagger. Making Ralph frozen were he looks like he is made out of legos. Then we back to CCPD and where Cecile says that whoever they did not cure they sent them to a facility so they can be safe.

So then we go to back to Starr Labs where Flash found a wood fragment and told Cisco to run it so maybe it can lead them to Shecada. Also for Ralph, there was no luck they could not reverse his cells back to normal. So when Nora says “So I Guess there is no way of knowing why he jumped in front of the mirror gun.” Then Sherloqe comes out and says that Ralph solved the biggest Mystery.  So then he says ” The real reason Thawne wishes to defeat Cicada and destroy his dagger because this dagger is the only thing  keeping  the Reverse-Flash in prison.”

So then we go to 2049 were the Reverse-Flash is going to get executed. So then they mock him by telling him that they are going to put his ring around his neck so it can burn with him.

Then we go back to 2019 were Cisco is figuring out that by destroying the dagger is 2019 it’s like it was never with Thawne so he never dies. So then Cisco tells Kamilla that he is Vibe and she says that she will expect him as Vibe and Cisco because they have the same heart.

Then we go to Barry and Nora were they have a talk about how she is really like Barry because she is trusting and when things go sideways they blame it on themselves.  So when they finally learned to turn Ralph back to normal they go to find Cicada and when they go to find Cicada they trap her and go to tell grace to wake up and take the cure and after a lot of resawing she finally took the cure. Cicada came in and took everyone except Barry and Nora and he dragged Nora was about to kill her. Until Cisco teleported the mirror gun to Barry to destroy the Dagger so then Grace was back to normal. While Cicada Disappears from existence  But Thawne doses not die.

So we go to 2049 where the Reverse-Flash does not die and he kills all the bodyguards but torchers the guard that tortured and mocked him.  But then Nora Reversed  Time and got everyone away safely but then they started to race. But then once team flash stopped Thawne  Nora was starting to erase from the timeline. But then Thawne says if she runs into the speed force she will live because of the negative Speed Force cannot be affected by timeline changes. So then they go into the Negative Speed force and Nora Bails because she knows it will make her like Thawne so she officially gets erased from the timeline. So Barry and Iris find out that Nora left a message and how Joe is the new Cheif Of CCPD. Also, Cisco wanted to live a normal because Thawne told him that he made him extraordinary so he took the Meta-Human Cure. But then Suddenly we go to the time Volt and we see the Crisis newspaper  goes from 2024… to 2019