Basic Summary of Journalism Class

If you didn’t already know, my fifth period class is Journalism. Journalism is AMAZING! You can only be in it if you’re in eighth or seventh grade so there are no sixth graders here. Our teacher is Mr.McCabe. He’s a really great teacher. He also teaches English but I don’t have his class, only Journalism.

In this class, we have to write one article that’s five hundred words, about basically whatever we want. Those articles get published to the school’s online newspaper. It’s website is There are many different “sections” I don’t really know what to call them. But there are different sections, I guess, like style, Hale, entertainment, and many more.

Now you might be wondering, what do you do when your not writing articles? Well, you just hang out. I really like this class because other than writing articles, it’s like a free period. And it’s really cool because this class, for me, is right before my math class. So, it’s like a little rest before doing math. Also, something that I find amazing, is that we get to use our phones all the time. It’s not like I’m BRAGGING about it or anything, but it’s really really cool.

Oh, how do we turn our articles in? I was wondering that before the year started and before I actually had this class. Because maybe, you could just write whatever you want and post it where everyone can see. You would be able to publish anything about anyone and publish it without anyone knowing until they actually see the article published.

But, luckily, that’s not how it works. You have to write your article, and at the end of the week, usually Friday if we don’t have a short week, and you grab a small little paper that is available to everyone and is on Mr.McCabe’s desk, and you fill it in. The paper is basically asking you what the title of the article is, how many words it has (at least five hundred) your name, and the date. You go to his desk and wait in line, if there is any, and turn the paper in to him. He then, goes on his computer and reads the article, and if you have one error, like in grammar or spelling, he fixes it. But if you have more than one, he sends you back to your desk to fix it.

Oh, I didn’t mention, you write your articles on Chromebooks. ANYWAYS, after he checks your article, if everything is A okay, I don’t really know what that was, he puts what category, CATEGORY, that was the word, the article best fits into and publishes it. When you publish your article on Friday or during the week, you get an A. If you forget or don’t’t do it or whatever excuse, and you turn it in the next week, it’s a B. And the next week, a C. And so on and so on.

So, basically, that is Journalism!