Love Can’t Be Forced

Imagine living in a world where you and your soulmate have already found each other. But what if your soulmate isn’t the right one for you? What if you wanted your relationship to be complicated and not perfect all the time? What if you didn’t want to get along with your soulmate 100% of the time? And what if you didn’t truly love your soulmate?

God made it easier for everyone to find our soulmates in different ways. Every person who found their soulmates were happy with them and knew they truly were meant for each other, except for two people….

Chapter 1:

“Katie, sweetie, time for school,” my mom says, slightly shaking me. I open up my eyes and see my mother with her light green eyes and messy blonde hair.

“Is she up?” my dad asks.

“Eyes opened, but no not yet,” my mom replies. I see my father standing at the doorway of my room. His light blue eyes staring at me. I have dirty blonde hair with a mixture of blue and green eyes, both from my parents.

My parents were soulmates and found each other at age seven. They met on the first day of second grade.They sat next to each other and became best friends right away. They were always with each other until high school when my dad got jealous because my mom started hanging around with another guy. They got into an argument and went into separate paths. They graduated high school and coincidentally went to the same college. They started talking more and more as the days flew by and became best friends again. They went on a couple dates and soon were going on vacations and cruises together. They got married and had me four years later.

I had found my soulmate in the second month of seventh grade. Ethan and I hit it off from the start. We met in art class when Ethan was the new kid since he entered the school two months late. He did not have anyone to hang out with and me being the kind girl I was, invited him to come sit with Jessica, Jason, and I. I could tell that Jessica and Jason weren’t as thrilled about me inviting some random kid over to our table, but was nice to him anyways.

We all started hanging out with Ethan more and he became our best friend. Jason and Jessica were not as close to him as I was. He never went over to their houses and they never went over to his house, but I had done both of those. He was my true best friend and soulmate, of course. He knew that I was his soulmate and I knew I was his, but we never did anything other than hang out as friends.

Yes, I do admit that I did have a crush on him a few times, but I never told him. He was just a friend to me and even though I knew we were meant to be together, I did not want to date him. To me, he was just my best friend and was like a little brother from me.

But maybe that last sentence I said was a lie…

Okay, so yes, I still do like him. He’s always so sweet to me and sometimes I wish he would just ask me out. Before the situation with Jason gets even more complicated. I’ll explain later.