Leon… Just Leon. (Brawl Stars Strategy part 14: Fin)

I don’t even know how I can stretch this article just to prove one point; Leon is just too strong. Leon is one of those characters that is strong no matter what you do to him. I’ll give you the basics. Leon is a 5-year-old ninja that throws extremely sharp ninja stars, has depression, can go invisible, loves chameleons, and has a lollipop addiction. Leon has a reputation for being the bully or doing anything he wants. You could be a piper shooting a box in showdown for five years and it wouldn’t matter how hard you worked. Leon would just steal the power cubes. If you are asking why it is because he wants to. Leon has extremely high amounts of burst damage and the only way you could lose is by being either third partied, caught off guard, or attacked when you have no ammunition. The only people who could stand up to Leon are tanks that are bush camping. If a Bull is inside a bush it is common sense to just stay away. But if you are Leon you can take long, short, mid-ranged fights. I love Leon so much because of the power, presence, and intimidation you express while playing Leon. If played right Leon can dip in and out of fights with ease, giving him the ability to 1 v 5. He will then heal up and then return. Leon is a cold-blooded assassin who’s main animal/symbol is the chameleon, therefore his name. If a Leon is in your game you should always stick with at least one teammate because at any moment that Leon can come behind you and you would be dead before you even knew it. Leon has very little health so you need to keep that in mind if you are going to play with him. Piper may seem underwhelming but, if you that Piper has power cubes she could potentially one-shot you. Leon is good for popping around the map every now and then wreaking havoc wherever he goes. Leon can take out anyone (except tanks) in a three shot burst.

Now, let us talk about specifics. Leon is a legendary tier. He has 4480 health making him relatively squishy. Leon’s ninja starts get weaker the farther they get. He shoots four blades that do 616 damage at close range. Leon’s reload may be slow but, his attack speed is extremely fast. He can shoot all three of his shots in a matter of seconds. Three times four times six-hundred sixteen is equal to seven-thousand three-hundred ninety-two. This means that Leon can do that much damage in a matter of seconds. Leon’s super is called smoke bomb. It is a very simple, but lethal ultimate. When activated, Leon becomes invisible for seven seconds. If he attacks he will be revealed and if enemies get close to Leon or if he gets close to enemies he will become visible to the other player and their allies. The best way to use this is to use it in a bush and then activate it so that your enemies don’t see you activate it. His star power allows him to run like the flash while invisible. That is all for this series of Brawl Stars Strategy.