Girl with the red lighting- The Flash

So we start the episode where the only thing that can defeat Cicada’s Dagger is the Mirror Gun. So then they found out why Cicada wanted the cryoatomizer and the metahuman Cureit is because she wants to kill every metahuman.

Then we see Eobard Thawne were he is about to get executed. So then he gets on his knees to be shocked before the execute him. Then we go back to Cicadas Cabin were she is fixing the cryoatomizer so she can kill every Metahuman.

Then we to Starr Labs were they are thinking how they are going to save everyone from Cicada. THen they realized if they take the Metahuman Cure they would be safe. So next they will have to find a place to give it that is public and people can go to that is local. Suddenly they thought of CCPD because everyone feels safe when they are there.

Then they think it is smart to test the mirror gun to see if it will work on Cicadas dagger too. But when they tested it went well the core of the satellite disappeared.

So then they ask the Chief of CCPD and he says “Yes” but that while he is away Joe is in charge. Then they told Nora is she is ok to go out there because she was affected by the negative speed force. But then she told them she was fine the negative speed force is run by negative emotions but she was in a really good mood.

Suddenly we go to Sherloqe and where he is with Renne and that all of a sudden Shecada finds them and tries to kill Renne so then the flash shows up and Nora and the Flash throw a lightning bolt at Shecada. Also when Shecada vanishes Nora’s Lighting turns red.

Then we find out that Shecada needs one more piece she needs to get some tool to stabilize the daggers dark energy. But when they went to go look for it Shecada already got to it. But then Ralph is trying to figure out Thawne’s plan because when he puts all the pieces together it does not make sense.

Then we go to CCPD were they are giving the Metahuman Cure but all of a sudden a swarm of people came rushing in. Then we go to Starr Labs and we see Nora trying to connect to Shecadas mind to see where she is but while doing that she almost destroyed Ciscos Work Shop.

So then we go to Sherloqe were he is telling Renne that she could go to his earth so she cannot be hunted Shecada and she said yes so he sent her to his earth.

So then Barry and Iris tell Nora that she is right about how she is their daughter but she is a grown up too so she can make her own decisions. SO she locates Shecada and finds out she is at CCPD So then team flash fights Shecada and then Ralph realizes Thawnes Plan he so he tells them to not shoot and then the episode is done.