Why Was Eighth Grade So Bad? And Awesome?

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Near the end of seventh grade, I was at a stable place. A general peace. I was content with the blandness of my life and glad for the simplicity grade seven had given me. But I wished for eighth grade to be more eventful, I wanted a ride. What I got was an emotional roller coaster with unfathomable highs and insufferable lows. I literally suffered the consequences of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for” to a tee. From crazy girls to bullying to getting bullied and my dad becoming a meme, eighth grade was just a blur of events. I still can’t 100% decide if this year was truly good or truly bad so for now I can only put it as both. I would try and categorize the good and the bad things together, but every area of eighth grade had its pros and cons. I’ll try my best.


As of now, it’s safe to say our eighth grade selves have been our best selves, at least relative to our middle school journey. Most of us are beginning to gain a general awareness that our actions have consequences and we’re learning what we should and shouldn’t do for our own sanity. It seems everyone has generally gotten a bit less severe with their phases and mood swings, at least in the beginning of the year. But now, especially in recent months, I’ve noticed a strong and sudden increase in the wack levels of many teenage minds. Everyone is so emotional, stressed out, and it seems impossible for any of us to help each other because we’re all losing our minds. It feels like I’m holding on by one finger, but that finger is being stomped like mad by projects, angry teachers, dramatic friends, toxic people, and stress from the aforementioned and the pressure of having to tie up all the loose ends of what we’ve done here in middle school before culmination.

School and Teachers:

This has honestly been one of the easiest years in terms of school in a while. English, science, and history were all a breeze besides projects, and math proved the only real stressor over the year. This is more due to the teacher than anything else. On the topic of teachers, all my three easy classes have new teachers this year who have been extremely lenient and easy. This made the year so easy for most of the time and whenever we needed to do something last minute, you could easily get it copied off someone else. However, it seems with only a few weeks left of school, some of our teachers are deciding to punish us for behaviors they allowed to go on. I’ll give academics a 7/10, there was an attempt.


Memes this year have been okay. A lot of the widespread internet memes this year were just meh but the “memes” exclusive to our school were classic. I mean some of them weren’t as much memes as they were borderline bullying, but it was fun anyways. Some classics were “haha very funny,” “wait is it actually wave check?”, Dan puns, “Oh Gru,” stevietuff, smelling things, and many many more classics. I could go on forever on all the classic dumb things we did over this year, it was definitely the best part of eighth grade. Man, we probably wouldn’t have made it all the way here if it weren’t for these iconic things.

Stupid Drama:

Eighth grade was chock full of drama over anything and everything, especially in the spring semester. Spring was insane and just keeps getting more and more crazy. It’s like an exponential line rapidly skyrocketing in a short period of time. People who I would never expect to have any edgy teen drama had their fair share, and I had my fair share of drama with a fair share of people I would never foresee myself even talking to. People were leaving friend groups for one reason or another like it was nothing, kids got in fights every other week, and don’t even get me started on all the damn relationships. Everybody was hooking up in eighth grade like it’s mating season and almost none of these attempts at love have lasted more than around a month. It seems these middle schools either have no idea what they want or they just don’t know what commitment is. But then again, we’re only 13 or 14 so people shouldn’t even be diving headfirst into hookups unless they are truly confident they really want it. If you’re not, someone is likely to get hurt for your actions and things get ugly fast. Just stop trying to hook up for now guys. Wait till high school.

Time Is No Longer Our Ally:

One of the most stressful parts of eighth grade, especially in the end, was the amount of pressure building up on us due to culmination. Even with all the drama you felt the pressure and need to wrap things up before the year ended so we could culminate on good terms and try and give middle school a chance at a happy ending. We all have some beef or “tea” with at least one person we need to handle, and you feel the pressure to handle it before our middle school journey ends in this blaze of glory. It still hasn’t really sunk in for me that my middle school journey has already come to an end. So much unfinished business, so many words left unspoken. There’s so much I need to get off my chest before I get to high school but where do I start? Whereas in seventh grade, time was our greatest ally, we could use it to our advantage and if needed, give our struggles time. As they say, time heals all wounds. But with so much building up and falling apart at the end and with so little time, time isn’t here to heal our wounds. We only have so much time left and the clock is ticking. This is such a stressful way to end middle school.


Eighth grade was amazing for me in a lot of ways but also horrible in so many others. Hopefully I can use this roller coaster of a year as a learning experience to come into high school slamming. Eighth grade gave me a lot to think on over the summer. I got what I wished for in seventh grade. All I can wish for as a freshman is peace. Goodbye Hale Charter Academy, I had mixed feelings for you.