My Experiences At Hale

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3 more week until school ends. 3 weeks until I culminate from Hale Charter Academy. As this is the last article where I can choose to write about whatever I want, I decided to write about my 6th, 7th, and 8th. To quickly sum up my experiences at Hale before I go even deeper, it sucked.

6th Grade:

The first day of 6th grade, I was lowkey excited, but very nervous. If I recall, I think I had a hard time sleeping the day before. But it felt so long since I last saw my friends, so I didn’t let anything bother me, well at least I tried my best not to be bothered. Adjusting to middle school was quite tough. My PE teacher was Mr. Politz, and he scared me on the first day of school because he was angry, complaining about how it was too hot and how stupid we were. And then the StudySync books… they gave me PTSD… just kidding. But the StudySync books always gave me so much trouble. I always ended up staying up late and crying in frustration. I also made a lot of new friends. If I don’t attend to sound like a self-centered person, but I believe I was the “leader” of my first 4 classes. I always seemed to get attention from everyone. And it kind of confuses me because I was super mean, and I’m still reminded, to this day, that I was mean. Anyway to some up 6th grade, it was basically my least stressful year at Hale.

7th Grade:

7th grade wasn’t very eventful, but still, quite eventful. I made new friends, I adjusted to the ACTUAL schedule of middle school, and etc. I had the worst teacher of my life *ahem* my history teacher *ahem* not saying names *ahem*. She would always say “iF yOu’Re QuIeT,” when she wanted us to be quiet. First off, it doesn’t make sense, and secondly, it was being used so repetitively that it became a meme in our class. Hell, a friend of mine tallied all the times she said “iF yOu’Re QuIeT,” and made a graph of it. Another class I had was photography. My only problem was the assignments… in general! I wasn’t very creative, so the assignments we were given were super tough for me, and it ended up with my parents doing it for me. And here’s the meat for 7th grade for me: my first relationship. I swear it was a “real” relationship. It lasted for 5 months, thank you very much! And that’s 7th grade summed up!

8th Grade:

8th. Grade. Oh. Boy. Before 8th grade started, I finally realized how mean I was being to my friends, so I started anew once school started. I also had a small realization that the people at my school are also quite mean. And this became a bigger realization once school started. Thus, I decided that I wanted to go to a high school that ISN’T El Camino. I also made new friends this year, not as much as the last two years though. And this led to a lot of drama. I also entered my second relationship… which lasted for a month… and gave me more drama as well. Basically, 8th grade was an emotional roller coaster, and roller coasters scare the hell out of me!

And that’s my experiences at Hale for you. I probably won’t miss Hale, so bye bye.